Puritan Treasures for Today

RTF-USA has recently contracted with Reformation Heritage Books to translate the Puritan Treasures for Today series. We are excited about this opportunity to translate more Puritan works into simplified Chinese text. The Puritans offer us a vast wealth of knowledge in the study of Scripture and Christian piety. Many of the topics in the PTFT series are still surprisingly relevant in our day. This series deals with contemporary issues like anger, unity, contentment, worldliness, and repentance. It is our prayer that bringing more Puritan books to the Chinese church will be a source of blessing to all who read.

RTF-USA 最近与Reformation Heritage Books 签订了翻译清教徒宝藏今日系列的合同。 我们很高兴有机会将更多清教徒作品翻译成简体中文文本。 清教徒在研究圣经和基督徒的虔诚方面为我们提供了丰富的知识。 PTFT 系列中的许多主题在我们这个时代仍然具有惊人的相关性。 这个系列涉及当代问题,如愤怒、团结、满足、世俗和悔改。 我们祈求将更多的清教徒书籍带到中国教会,成为所有阅读者的祝福之源。