Translating Reformed theological works since 1949.


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Our Purpose

The purpose of the RTF is the building up of the Church among Chinese people by producing and distributing Christian literature consistent with a distinctively Reformed theological perspective. We seek to accomplish this purpose by the translation and publication of religious and theological literature into the Chinese language. We seek to distribute these Chinese-language publications as widely as possible; in order to encourage Chinese churches around the world, without usurping the role of the church.

改革宗翻译社成立的宗旨是透过出版与发送基督教文献以期造就华人教会,本社特别着重于改革宗神学的观点。 为了达成本社宗旨,我们将宗教与神学文献翻译成中文出版,尽可能将这些出版品广泛发送。 我们希望能鼓励世界各地的华人教会,不欲篡夺教会的角色。

Using digital means to put solid Reformed Theology in the hands of Chinese believers.

What Makes RTF Different?

The doctrinal basis of the RTF is the Reformed understanding of Christianity as set forth in the Westminster Standards (Confession of Faith, Larger Catechism, and Shorter Catechism) and the Three Forms of Unity (Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism, and Canons of Dordt).


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