Chinese leaders, all over the world are anticipating that China will open to the Gospel in the next few years. There will be a flood of requests for Christian literature in Chinese. We pray that since Our Lord has provided RTF's sound Christian publications since 1950 He will also create a stock pile of RTF literature ready to flow into China as soon as it opens. God has given Jonathan and his wife Rebecca the vision and ability, through CMI, to bring the Truths of the Bible to Chinese allover the world. CMI Seminaries in Hong Kong and Taiwan, teach evangelism and then send small groups of students and faculty with RTF books into China to hold conferences with up to 90 House Church leaders several times a year. In 1990 the Communist government counted 63 million Christian in China. It is impossible to say how many more are unknown to the government. An estimate of between 15,000 and 28,000 come to know Christ each day in China. Pray that opposition forces will not bind God's Word in China, or anywhere in the world. Pray that all new Christians will have sound literature to sustain them spiritually. Russian Christians are crying for the kind of literature Our Lord started in advance to supply for China. RTF is thankful for the vision He gave its founders in 1948. AmRTF prays that enough printed material will be on hand to partially fill the need when China opens fully to the Gospel. Efforts are being made to acquaint Chinese coming to North America for advanced study with RTF translations. Pray that Chinese who do business and study in North America will become familiar with the Truths 'of the Bible and RTF's literature before they return to China and assume leadership positions. Some are being reached through RTF displays at meetings. Lending Libraries to provide ready access to RTF books are being developed. All those reading this brief history can tell others, particularly Chinese friends about RTF. The ministry of the Reformation Translation Fellowship (RTF) has been blessed as it has served Our Lord since 1948. Pray Our Lord will be glorified as the lives of 1.2 billion in China and Chinese scattered over the world are Blessed with the knowledge of Salvation brought to all through Jesus Christ. Using written Chinese, Chinese culture and Chinese teachers, RTF in partnership with CMI demonstrates that Christ came to save Chinese who claim Him as their own Savior.