From 1968 until 1991 Charles and Pearl spent winters in Taiwan and summers with their family in California. They have not returned to Taiwan in the fall of 1991, continuing the translation ministry from the home they share in San Dimas, CA with their physician son Harry. Freed from administrative detail, Charles has translated and published even more than he did in Taiwan. Rev. Boyle served as President of the American Board of RTF (AmRTF) faithfully from its start in 1949 until 1990. He helped select and translate books as well as administer the American Board of RTF. Robert F. Heimburger, Indianapolis, IN who was born and lived in China through High School, is serving as Rev. Boyle's successor. Rev. J. G. Vos was Treasurer and American Representative of RTF from its start until 1957. Rev. Lester Kilpatrick succeeded J. G. Vos after he was forced by illness to return from China instead of serving as a missionary, with his physician wife Betty. He published RTF NEWSLETTERS and ANNUAL REPORTS until 1989 when he turned these duties plus book distribution over to Rev. William Roberts, Pastor of the Bloomington, IN, RP Church. Rev. Phil Martin and his family served briefly as missionaries in Manchuria. His sons, first Rev. Paul and now Rev. Bruce have been secretaries for RTF's American Board. Rev. John Murray represents RTF in Scotland and England where funds have been raised to publish The Faith and Life Quarterly, in addition to the English translation of Out of the Tiger's Mouth, Charles Chao's autobiography. As RTF Representative for Australia Rev. Alex Barkley has provided prayer and financial support from RP Churches there. Rev. Gene Spear has been instrumental in raising support for the RTF from Japan. The Foreign Mission Board of the PCNA has generously supported the Chaos as missionaries through most of RTF's history. The American Board of RTF has provided much of the publication costs as well as supporting the RTF office in the Chao's Taipei home. More recently RTF shares office expenses with CMI in Taiwan. RTF is grateful to Simon Bax representing a Reformed Newspaper in Holland for support when it has been most needed. Fervent prayer and faith in Our Lord's provision is needed for RTF's vital ministry to Chinese Christians all over the world. Please pray with us. Since the spring of 1991 when Charles and Pearl Chao started semi-retirement in California, their son Jonathan has assumed his father's administrative duties in Taipei and as International Director for AmRTF. RTF's overseas office has been moved from the Chao's apartment in Taipei to share space with China Ministries International (CMI) started by Jonathan and Rebecca Chao as an extension of their Chinese Church Research Center (CCRC). Through CMI seminaries were started in Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The students and faculty of these seminaries hold conferences in China using the Bible and RTF books to help strengthen the personal Bible study, teaching and preaching of Christian leaders. Miss Phoebe Ma appointed RTF representative in Taiwan and editor of Faith and Life Quarterly has a degree in journalism and a recently earned degree from the China Evangelical~ Seminary in Taipei. She also helps publish the books Charles continues to translate and to reprint those in short supply. By supporting one missionary family the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America has enriched the lives and ministries of countless Chinese. Encouraged by knowledge gained from studying RTF translations they continue to spread the Gospel Message faithfully in spite of brutal persecution. They are effective in countering the cults and heresies trying to spread false doctrines. RTF gives thanks for the RPCNA's involvement in its vital ministry. Charles Chao in semi-retirement continues translating. At the request of Jonathan, The Belgic Confessions, The Cannons of Dort and the Heidelberg Confessions are published. CMI teams taking RTF books into China use these to evangelize. The Experience that Counts an abridged edition of Jonathan Edwards A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections was translated by the group of scholars who met Sabbath afternoons in the Chao's Taiwan apartment. Publication has been made possible by a generous grant from Chinese Christians in Singapore. This indicates the value Chinese put on the RTF's ministry. A significant portion of RTF's publication costs are donated in Taiwan. Charles has just finished translating and publishing A Specimen of Divine Truth, by Rev. A. Hellenbroek funded by the congregation which Rev. Hellenbroek pastored in Rotterdam. RTF depends on the prayer and financial support of Christians worldwide.